Tuesday, September 3, 2013

nailed it: full-size nail stamps

You may know that I am a fan of stamping kits to enhance a manicure, as seen in a previous post. The stamps I used were small designs that only covered part of my nail, so I was absolutely delighted when Konad sent me a stamp that covered my entire nail. This new look is so fun!

I used a checkerboard stamp for this look and did it on all fingers, but it would also look great as an accent. Start with two coats of your favorite polish. I used MiniLuxe's Lucky.

As with any stamping, put the polish over the stamp that you want to use and then wipe off the excess with the scraper. Use the stamping tool to transfer the design from the plate to your nail. That's it!

White polish gives me the best success with stamping, so I recommend a vibrant base color with white as the top coat if you haven't used nail stamps before. Don't be afraid to transfer the design onto your fingers (as shown below), as it's really easy to remove with polish remover.

Clean up the edges, wait at least an hour, and then put on a top coat. And don't worry about it looking too precise. The designs will look cool no matter how perfect they are.
I got tons of compliments and oohs and ahhs with this manicure, mostly because people are in awe that I could do this manicure myself. Amaze yourself and your pals!

*Thanks to Konad for sending me the nail stamping plate. The opinions about it are my own.


  1. Cute!! Love this look :)


  2. Lovely nails!

    Take a look at my blog if you want!

    xo xo

  3. Amazing! I wish I had the talent to do this! looks great!



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