Tuesday, February 26, 2013

truly effortless waves

Effortless, beachy waves have been in vogue for several years now and while I've mastered the look using a curling iron, I'd like to have waves that were more, well, effortless. I discovered an easy way to do this and it requires only one product and eight hours of sleep! You literally can set it and forget it.

Before I went to bed, I applied Pantene's Silky Moisture Whip throughout my damp hair and combed it through. I then put my hair in a bun high on my head (so I could sleep comfortably) and used a gentle hairband to secure it. I went to sleep with visions of beachy waves dancing in my head.
Pantene Moisture Whip
Image from Drugstore.com

The next morning I took my bun out and had wonderful waves. Truly. You may be skeptical because I too have read claims that if you wear your hair in braids over night, you'll wake up with bouncy curls. Problem is: my hair ends up kinky with a dent at the ends where the elastic was. No strange kinks with this style!

Here's a couple caveats to make this style work: this technique is most effective for medium to thick hair and strands with more texture. This won't work as well for thin and fine hair. Also, to keep the bouncy curls all day long, don't play with them too much when you wake up. 

You may want or need to touch up a few pieces with a curling iron to ensure there are enough waves. I didn't use a curling iron in these pictures because I wanted to show what my hair really looked like when I woke up. Be sure to use some hair spray and then take your effortless waves out on the town (or beach).
This technique will be an absolute life saver for me in the summer when it's too hot to blowdry my hair. I can't believe that my new favorite hairstyle is literally a result of beauty sleep!


  1. Love! I will definitely give this a try.

  2. Wish I had thicker hair! Alas! But if I leave it unwashed for a day or two that helps. ;-)

  3. Great!

    would you like follow each other? Let me know =)


  4. Love this look and style. You look absolutely amazing!In these aviators you look like a model.

  5. Gorgeous!! Messy, beachy waves like this are my favorite!


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