Sunday, February 3, 2013

inspired chignon

I love a bun in whatever glorious form it may take (see evidence here and here). I was enchanted by a picture iFebruary's InStyle from the Spring Marc by Marc Jacobs show. It was a loose chignon with a turban and it looked doable, so I (sort of) followed their instructions to recreate it and was pleased to add another bun to my hair arsenal.
Step 1: Smooth your hair into a very low ponytail (about 3 or 4 inches above an elastic that matches your hair color). I think this style looks best when your hair is recently washed and straight.

Step 2: Swoop the loose ponytail up and to one side of your head.

Step 3: Take the elastic to the other side of your head, as if you were wrapping a bun. 

Step 4: Keep wrapping the bun until the elastic is covered but keep the tail poking out to one side.

Step 5: Pin! If you have them, use hair pins instead of bobby pins to secure this very loose chignon. I used 9 pins the first time and 6 the second time I wore it. The beauty of this style is, it should look a bit undone and there isn't a perfect way to pin it.

Step 6: Here's the completed chignon. Make sure it stays in place as you move your head.

Step 7: Add some headgear. I wrapped a colorful Louis Vuitton scarf along my hairline, which is similar to the look of the turban used in the Marc by Marc Jacobs shows.

I also tried it with a gold, bowed headband because this style definitely requires some flair. Whatever you already have will work.
This chignon should be loose and a bit messy with the tail sticking out to one side. The do is a mix of classy and effortless and can be easily customized with different headgear.


  1. Hi dear, great hair inspiration! I will try this out! kisses chris

  2. Cute! You're right too, any excuse for a bun is good for me! have you tried those little double helix looking hair pins? I use those for buns and only need 3 and it stays even while dancing!

  3. Great hairstyle! It looks really chic! :*

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  6. great hairdo...I'm going to try it since you make it seem so easy

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  8. I do this all the time! I absolutely love the look of a scarf tied up in hair (somewhat) messy hair.

    xx Kait


  9. Looks really beautiful! Especially with the scarf!

  10. Thanks for the step by step! Gorgeous bun!


  11. I always struggle with buns of any kinds - they just fall apart on me... :( x

  12. Thank you for posting this. I'm always looking for new ways to wear my hair up. This is great! It looks fab on you!!

  13. Wonderful Post! Love your bun!

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  14. Great tutorial!See my blog.. If you like it we can follow each other!;))


  15. Great step by step details! I love how chic this one looks!

  16. lovely hair tutorial

  17. So cute and looks great with your polka dots. Will you be at the meet n greet this month? would love to see you again!


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